general questions about slow cookers?

Are the recipes useful for smaller families?

Yes! With basic cooking knowledge and common sense, the amounts are easily adjusted up or down.

Are the recipes easy to follow?

Yes! The Smart Slow Cooker gives you super clear, easy-to-understand directions to walk you through every step of a recipe — all in a clean, easy-to-read format. See a sample recipe.

What types of recipes are in the collection?

The collection does not contain filler recipes, such as desserts, broths, appetizers, yogurt, etc. You get main dish recipes to help you get family dinner on the table fast after a long absence from the house. See a sample recipe.

Why? Because when life calls for a slow cooker, you usually need dinner — see our story.

Who is the intended audience?

If you are a new or experienced home cook who wants to feed your family a home-cooked meal when schedules are tight, you will enjoy the recipe collection. If you are a passionate home cook, we aren’t asking you to compromise. The recipes in the collection are not “dump-and-run” — no dry soup mix or chemicals here.

Your family will enjoy the recipes if these qualities are important to you:

  • fresh

  • healthy

  • seasonal

  • organic

  • variety

  • local

  • quality

  • flavor

Are the recipes easy?

All the recipes have been adapted to be as easy and quick as possible. Many of the meals will still include usual cooking steps — chop, sear, sauté — but when dinner is in the slow cooker you can clean the kitchen, walk away, and eat 6-8 hours later. See a sample recipe.

What is your return policy?

We cannot offer refunds for digital products, but your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Contact us to let us know if you’re ever unsatisfied and we will jump through hoops to meet your needs and address any questions.


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